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Darrick Chekas

Make Model

  • 2007 Compass Knight 3D

Power System

  • YS 50 ST
  • Hatori 50 SAB BW Special
  • Futaba GY-701
  • Enya #3
  • SwitchGlo Pro
  • Cool Power 30%
  • pinion 10T

Servos, RX and 3G System

  • Cyclic Futaba S9451 @5.3V
  • Tail Futaba S9256 @5.3V
  • Rudder Expo 40%
  • Cyclic Expo 40%
  • JR R921
  • Duralite 5.3v Regulator w/HD Swtich
  • Recv battery: Fromeco 2s 2600mAH Li-ion


  • Main: Compass 615mm
  • Tail: Compass 92mm
  • RPM: 1700 1800 2000


Pictures and Attachments: